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Pine furniture wood

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We produce a furniture shield of pine-grown and whole-leaf, of various sizes:

- thickness from 18 - 20mm to 80mm;

- width up to 900 mm;

- up to 3000 mm (max up to 5000 mm)

Approximate price for a panel of furniture cladding with a thickness of 20 mm of grade A / B - 165 UAH / m2

In the manufacture of the furniture shield, selected and only quality pine billets of radial, semi-radial and tangential cutting with selection of the texture are used.

The gluing of the furniture shield uses a high-strength moisture-resistant glue of the Jawacoll class D4, which provides reliability even under the influence of atmospheric factors.


The furniture shield is an ideal material for the manufacture of wooden stairs, wooden furniture, furniture facades, kitchen worktops, wooden window sills and much more.

The furniture shield of pine and alder is well appreciated by furniture manufacturers for its strength, color, texture and relatively inexpensive price.

The whole product is made of environmentally friendly wood and has a moisture content of 10-12% required for further proper operation.