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Pine window wood extra quality

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Evrobrus three-layered glued, pine.

All our glued products are manufactured by the Weinig Group Germany, SCM Italy, Houfek Czech Republic, Wood-Mizer USA.

In the manufacture of external lamella used selective pine billets without resinous and pockets, radial and semi-radial cut with a selection of texture.

For gluing of a window eyebrow, an adhesive of high grade moisture class D4, firm Jawacoll, which provides reliability even under the influence of atmospheric factors, is used.

The intersection of the window eyebrow: 72 / 82h86 mm.

The length of the window eyebrow: from 3000 mm to 4500 mm

It is possible to order up to 6000mm in length


Glued window bar allows you to make from quality short-circular sawn timber of any size. The length of the wood on a microscope makes the material homogeneous in its structure, which eliminates the possibility of distortion and cracking over time. When changing the humidity of the environment, the window beam does not change its shape